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What is the Biggest Question You Have About SOA Right Now?

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We are finalizing the agenda for ebizQ's 2 day SOA in Action Virtual Conference coming this Oct. 28-29, and we thought we'd ask you, our readers and contributors, what the biggest questions surrounding SOA are right now.

Ask your questions now so we can address them in-depth at the conference!

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  • Do companies have the will power to deal with the transformation required to implement an enterprise SOA initiative?

    If not, does "little SOA" bring enough value to make the effort worth while or is it just another silo builder?

  • Has the SOA concept become so watered down by the industry claiming that almost anything that can be called/invoked is a 'service' and thus if you have one or more of these 'services', you are running a SOA ? Unlike others it seems, I believe SOA without interconnectivity standards, be they SOAP or REST based or something else that gives a similar capability, has been here before as we have been using services for many years.

  • John Power hit the nail on the head...

    How many companies think they are running SOA but actually are running JBOWS (Just a Bunch of Web Services)?

  • Five years from now, will the word "SOA" have positive or negative connotations?

  • My question on SOA is:

    How do large organizations expect to combine Cloud capabilities without some form of SOA Governance?

    The ones who dont think ahead on this may get blindsided by this.

    Im not questioning SOA itself much at the moment. Despite not being trendy, it's taking hold in organizations that I talk to.

  • Given a pure bottom up approach can result in tactical services and point to point solutions and top down approaches require big upfront investments how can organizations pursue SOA in an incremental yet strategic fashion?

  • For me the biggest question on SOA is about execution: what are the specific details as well as architecture patterns and practices of how SOA can deliver robust execution on its promises, especially service re-use, agility, business value, and alignment of business and IT?

    Of course I have a certain preference and believe SOA execution can be achieved through BPM … but am interested in other perspectives as well.

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