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Will the Use of Consumer-Oriented Mobile Platforms, Such as the iPhone or the Kindle, Become the Predominate BI Platforms in the Future?

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This question comes from David Linthicum and applies directly to his most recent blog, Business Intelligence comes to the Kindle.  And the question is: Will the use of consumer-oriented mobile platforms, such as the iPhone or the Kindle, become the predominate BI platforms in the future?

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  • Yes. It is not just Consumer Oriented alone. iPhone, Kindle are all stages in evolution in a long line of devices that are being miniaturized and untethered as time goes on. From Mainframes to Minicomputers to workstations to PCs, the next logical step are Miniature Handheld devices that also need to be untethered with wireless within a building and out on the street anywhere! The coming together of communications with computing in small form factors is the next logical step. I really don't see why you need a phone separate from a laptop. Why not have one device that does telecommunication also. iPhone with 3G or 4G networking is the first step in this. Kindle is veering off to the side but as handheld devices become better with resolution and user interfaces, there is no reason for a separate Kindle!

  • I think that BI use within mobile platforms and handheld devices will increase over time. In terms of becoming the main way BI is used in the future, I think only time will tell. Although many organizations are adopting mobile BI, how well it is actually adopted and utilized to its fullest remains to be seen. In many cases, trends in the BI industry come and go - whether mobile BI grows to that status is also reliant upon how other forms of business applications become ingrained into the daily operations of field staff and employees on the road.

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