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Web 2.0

Where Do you Think Web 2.0 Applications Are Going Next?

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With so much buzz happening around Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, what do you see will be the next wave for Web 2.0?

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  • There are two categories of Web 2.0 Applications: Business/Enterprise Web 2.0 applications and consumer focused applications. For enterprises Facebook , Linkedin and Twitter are a very small part of their application stack. Enterprise may use these services for Marketing, support or for internal employee networking or may mashup
    these online services in their existing application. A majority of applications are still in Web 1.0 style and architecture.

    We also have to look at SaaS apps like Salesforce which are not yet to Web 2.0 ready. Enterprises have to wait few more years to see big changes in their application development and user interface. Applicaton for consumers which can include Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Linkedin and other social networking sites have made considerable advances in their application development, but how many are using it? Only a few tech savy individuals. I will say in few years we will see new wave of application which are ready for Mobile and Web.

  • I concur with Prakash. In any case, in my line of business I’m more interested in Enterprise applications and they still have a way to go in order to integrate current Web2.0 features. Taking my recent experience of Location Based Services applications, we are clearly engaged on a path that blends software and IT into more and more aspects of our lives, and I do not state this in a negative manner. Consider how technologies such as transportation or electrical power became ubiquitous and fundamental to our society. I am just not creative enough to imagine were computing would take us to.

  • This is timely... I've just been researching this myself. The answer to me seems to be a combination of what is referred to as Web 3.0 and Web 3D.

    Web 3.0 is taking the current Web 2.0, which focusses on building relationships and social networking, into the next phase of converting the "relationship" data into knowledge that can then support "context sensitive" and "semantics based" searching. In the ideal Web 3.0 world, the browser would act like a personal assistant. As you search the Web, the browser learns what you are interested in. So, the more you browse, the more it learns about you until eventually it can confidently answer questions such as "where should I go for lunch?" or "what movie should I watch?".

    Web 3D combines virtual reality elements with the persistent online worlds of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) transforming the Web into a digital landscape that incorporates the illusion of depth. In a Web 3D world you would navigate the Web through a digital representation of yourself called an avatar.

    Ultimately, I think we'll see elements of both, neither 100%, in the future of Web 2.0. Also, I strongly feel that the Web will continue to merge with other forms of entertainment until all distinction between media are lost to the point that radio programs, television shows, and movies all rely on the Web as a delivery system.

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