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What are the Expectations from BPM?

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This question comes from a blog by Scott Cleveland, Expectations from BPM...  And the question is: What are the expectations from BPM?

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  • This software does five main jobs; it:

    •Puts existing and new application software under the direct control of business managers
    •Makes it easier to improve existing business processes and create new ones
    •Enables the automation of processes across the entire organization, and beyond it
    •Gives managers ‘real-time’ information on the performance of processes
    •Allows organizations to take full advantage of new computing services.

    The result is an improved ability to respond to or anticipate changing business demands. Also, the organization saves money whenever it changes computerised working methods – usually an expensive and protracted rigmarole. As a bonus, the organization becomes better fitted to exploit future business and computing opportunities, including business process outsourcing (BPO) and Web services.

    The success of all this depends on how managers introduce and use this new kind of software. Business Process Management is as much about organizational design, human communication, people’s viewpoints and mutual consideration as it is about technology. It is not just a matter of optimizing computer programs.

    So we are not trying to solve any new problems – just to solve them differently. The old way was to create isolated ‘stove pipe’ solutions. These were rigid, difficult to maintain, costly to set up and, worst of all, obsolete by the time they arrived. We want to solve problems cheaply, quickly and effectively. How? By seeing those problems as a set of well-defined and integrated processes.

  • I think in the underlying blog post referred to, Scott is making the point that you should not consider software a solution as a first resort. The idea of BPM is to improve your process flow no matter how you automate that flow (even if you use post-it notes and pencils).

    That is why I am careful to use the term "BPM value proposition" in my ebizQ research when I am referring to BPM in the sense of this forum question and other terminology such as BPM solution or BPM technology when I am referring to specific products/services or types of products/services. Taking the academic jargon out of it, the answer to the forum question is "You should use BPM to better manage your business processes."

    However in Scott's underlying blog post, he mentions a situation that differentiates BPM solutions from simple process improvement. This example sets the expecation for BPM-technology-enabled solutions. His example illustrates a business rule that calls for escalation, the result of which is sending an email to someone. What you should expect of a BPM-technology-based product or service is that the software automates the outcome anticipated by an aggregate set of business rules without ever having to send an email to anyone.

    (For the record, the underlying blog post mentioned in this Forum question refers to a BPM VIEWPOINT where I wrote about a recent Metastorm customer satisfaction survey. As the VIEWPOINT explains in more detail, the questions were multiple choice and respondents could choose more than one "expectation."

    (I mention this in case the Metastorm research results factor in to your Forum opinion. Or better yet, just tell us what you expect of BPM. But remember to define what you mean by BPM first.)

    -- Dennis Byron

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  • What do you mean by these expectations from BPM? I don't have any about this. I think this bpm is business process management but I don't have any idea about its usage. business to business marketing Can you please share theses expectations from bpm in detail?

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