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Business Process Improvement - Annual Buzzword or Real?

Business Process Improvement - Annual Buzzword or Real?

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Every year, when CIOs are surveyed, they mention that "Business Process Improvement" is their #1 priority. Is this Business Process Improvement of IT Operations or IT's involvement with Businesses in improving their processes?

Is this just an annual buzzword or are there really serious BPI efforts ongoing?

WIll be interesting to hear real stories from the field!

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  • It's usualy Business Process Improvement of IT.

  • On the other hand, the CIOs Gartner surveyed meant business not IT (see http://www.ebizq.net/blogs/bpminaction/2009/01/bpm_viewpoint_what_you_told_ga.php).


  • Nari,
    In my experience actually both things are true and it's important to understand which things CIOs are being asked about. In our research (see the mwdadvisors.com website), we find that driving business process improvement in general is a very high priority for CIOs; but what's interesting is that in practice, some of the processes that are most focused on (along with customer service, sales, product development, supply chain management, etc) are IT service delivery processes. Of course it's perfectly legitimate (and I think good) to consider key IT delivery processes as business processes.

  • A friend of mine who works with car dealers told me he thinks that in this economy CIO's try to improve Business Process of IT , instead of business trying to save their job.

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