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Enterprise IT: August 2014 Archives

People and organization are outside the scope of EAJan 11, 2007 After all, "the Company is the People" who govern, plan and operate the Enterprise.Enterprise Architecture is overly simplifiedJan 4, 2007 More often than not EA does not mandate architectural views - reflecting the interests of many stakeholders- or a functional architecture... Read More..
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The Definition of Enterprise Architecture, revisited (ii)Aug 24, 2007 Enterprise Architecture is more than the sum of its parts; it is about the governance (mind) and the culture (soul) of the Enterprise (body).The definition of Enterprise Architecture, revisited (i)Aug 17, 2007  Is EA an Enterprise state, a document, a set of diagrams,... Read More..
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Who owns Intellectual Property?May 3, 2008  Isn't IP about property that is the foundation of our economy and society since the very beginning?Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture ProjectsApr 11, 2008 EA records all changes in the Enterprise and becomes the single source of updated information for all developments.The Business Process journey in... Read More..
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The Enterprise Architecture Black HoleApr 6, 2009  "Enterprise Architecture as a Black Hole" (to paraphrase a known title of an EA book) seems to be a proper name for many EA contemporary developments. To ...A Single Page Enterprise ArchitectureApr 1, 2009  A Single Page EA blueprint would like a road map depicting... Read More..
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The type of work an Enterprise Architect doesOct 10, 2009  I realize that many of us, Enterprise Architects, our pay masters, and recruiters emphasize at times different aspects of EA. But they are all part of an ...The Enterprise Architecture book cover & extracts published in my blog sidebarOct 7, 2009  Just... Read More..
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Communications and OMG's Architecture tools ecosystemApr 17, 2010 Communication means transmission of information between two sides. The message has to match the language and conventions of the receiving side as well.Enterprise Architecture training courseApr 4, 2010  In time, I had quite a few requests for the EA training advertised on this site,... Read More..
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Benefits of the GODS generic business architecture modelNov 30, 2010  GODS generic business architecture represents a reference architecture that can be tailored to industry and company to create a specific framework for own ...A generic Business ArchitectureNov 17, 2010 The GODS generic business architecture illustrates the full product cycle from forecasting and... Read More..
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The history continues with EA posts from 2011, mainly.Is industry experience a must for an Enterprise Architect?Feb 22, 2012  Does the employer want a specialist or a generalist, the EA architect is? You rarely can get both at the quality and for the price you pay... you would ...Communicating Enterprise ArchitectureFeb... Read More..
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Enterprise Architecture state and causes in ten pointsNov 30, 2012  People don't even know how an Enterprise Architecture looks like.Is the Enterprise Architect leading the enterprise development?Nov 20, 2012 The EA architect does not replace though the strategist, the business process man, the quality team... The architect just provide the tool, the... Read More..
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Architecture principles, good or evil?Mar 1 2013 Why are principles constituting so often a bottleneck for the EA activities or, soon after inception, are laid aside as an irritant better ...Why aren't there Enterprise Architecture show cases? (i)Jan 26 2013 We keep talking about EA without having in mind a common picture. A show case... Read More..
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I  am about to post a series of blog post links published over the last eight years or so. They would be listed in reverse chronological order starting today.Most EA topics you'd like to hear about are discussed in there: from frameworks and capabilities to culture, roadblocks, people and organisation... Read More..
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EA site:Enterprise Architecture MattersStrategy Rings frameworkTwitterPresentationsEnterprise Architecture in 3 minutes or soOne Page Generic Business ArchitectureEA value propositionEA roadblocks and remediesThe Cloud, EA and SOABlogsebizQ ITToolBox EA Books:An Enterprise Architecture Development Framework, 4th editionand Fragments or hereThe Enterprise Architecture matters blogYoutube videosBP Trends Articles A Comparison of Common Business Modeling Approaches and GODS Generic Business... Read More..
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When does EA start to care about sociocultural influences? Nick Malik stresses this point. But should we care?True, reality is "messier" than the boxes and lines of an enterprise architecture because it is invariably more complex than the models that describe it. That we already know. For instance, human bodies are... Read More..
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Commenting upon "TOGAF® Framework and ArchiMate® Modeling Language Harmonization, two whitepapers".I don't have access to the articles as a member of the public. Perhaps, I have to pay for the privilege.It finally happens. It took a long time for inside TOGAFers to realise that without a merger there would be... Read More..
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Adrian Grigoriu blogs about everything relating to enterprise and business architecture, SOA, frameworks, design, planning, execution, organization and related issues.

Adrian Grigoriu

Adrian is an executive consultant in enterprise architecture, former head of enterprise architecture at Ofcom, the spectrum and broadcasting U.K. regulatory agency and chief architect at TM Forum, an organization providing a reference integrated business architecture framework, best practices and standards for the telecommunications and digital media industries. He also was a high technology, enterprise architecture and strategy senior manager at Accenture and Vodafone, and a principal consultant and lead architect at Qantas, Logica, Lucent Bell Labs and Nokia. He is the author of two books on enterprise architecture development available on Kindle and published articles with BPTrends, the Microsoft Architecture Journal and the EI magazine. Shortlisted by Computer Weekly for the IT Industry blogger of the year 2011.

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