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Enterprise Architecture Matters

Adrian Grigoriu

Enterprise Architecture in posts going back a decade (x)

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The Definition of Enterprise Architecture, revisited (ii)
Enterprise Architecture is more than the sum of its parts; it is about the governance (mind) and the culture (soul) of the Enterprise (body).
The definition of Enterprise Architecture, revisited (i)
Is EA an Enterprise state, a document, a set of diagrams, a process, a program, an organization design, a strategic planning and Enterprise portfolio ...
SOA versus BPM
In a few words, SOA is a target style of BPM where processes are designed and implemented as a sequence of loosely coupled SOA services. SOA is an evolution of ...
The virtualisation of the Enterprise IT
Ultimately, the virtualisation of IT will provide technology services to business through a defined interface which would eliminate the nowadays tangled ...
SOA, Architecture Style or Technology?
SOA, a style of architecture, consists of recognisable and reproducible architecture patterns.
Virtualisation of the Enterprise Architecture layers
Why virtualisation in the Enterprise? In an ideal Enterprise for this fast moving world, the business, its logic, should not depend on IT technology, that is, ...
The virtualisation of the Enterprise and SOA
The "abstractization" of the IT infrastructure layer is part of a virtualisation of the Enterprise, in fact the virtualisation of the EA layers.
The Virtualisation of the Enterprise
The Governance function is what defines and identifies the Virtual Enterprise since most or all functions of the Enterprise (primary and secondary in Porter's ...
Enterprise Architecture politics, executive overview
Why should there be EA politics in the first place? Because EA is a complex, long term human activity, demanding cooperation of many parties and expensive ...
The politics of Enterprise Architecture (iv)
Enterprise knowledge is locked in people's minds. To release this collective wisdom you need negotiation skills, "selling not telling".
The politics of EA (iii)
If the EA development moves slow and is often delayed, it will be generating tactical-strategic conflicts... tactical projects will be approved and co-exist and ...
The politics of EA (ii)
EA ought to mend all the evils of the Enterprise, to cure the silo culture and patch the divide between IT and business In a nutshell, EA becomes the ground of ...
Politics of Enterprise Architecture(?!)
An Enterprise Architect has to be politically astute to justify EA/SOA, argue the business case, rally support from stakeholders, keep management informed and ...
EA may re-use the ERP applications suites, provided ERP modelling is performed to document the business processes.
The state of Enterprise Architecture
Unless the EA is initiated by management and bought-in by business, there is little chance of IT succeding, in isolation. The Enterprise architecture should be ...
Is EA about "architecting" the Enterprise?
To fully describe an Enterprise one needs to consider, to begin with, the business mission, stakeholders, products, processes, organization and governance and ...
The success of Enterprise Architecture depends on EA tools (part ii)
An EA tool would pull together the wide spread EA development efforts and artifacts in a single control process and repository enforcing the reuse of same ...
The success of Enterprise Architecture depends on EA tools (part i)
An EA tool would support consistency in definitions, inputs/outputs and look and feel by employing a single vocabulary, metadata, repository and set of ...
SOA or SOEA, Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture
SOA, a partial EA development in disguise, may hide the recognition and complexity of an EA program. SOA or SOEA should be a joint business and IT effort, a key ...
No commonly accepted Enterprise Architecture framework
EA "suffers" every so often from a narrow scoping excluding many management, business and non-IT views.

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Adrian Grigoriu blogs about everything relating to enterprise and business architecture, SOA, frameworks, design, planning, execution, organization and related issues.

Adrian Grigoriu

Adrian is an executive consultant in enterprise architecture, former head of enterprise architecture at Ofcom, the spectrum and broadcasting U.K. regulatory agency and chief architect at TM Forum, an organization providing a reference integrated business architecture framework, best practices and standards for the telecommunications and digital media industries. He also was a high technology, enterprise architecture and strategy senior manager at Accenture and Vodafone, and a principal consultant and lead architect at Qantas, Logica, Lucent Bell Labs and Nokia. He is the author of two books on enterprise architecture development available on Kindle and published articles with BPTrends, the Microsoft Architecture Journal and the EI magazine. Shortlisted by Computer Weekly for the IT Industry blogger of the year 2011.

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