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Enterprise Architecture Matters

Adrian Grigoriu

Enterprise Architecture in posts going back a decade (v)

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Benefits of the GODS generic business architecture model
GODS generic business architecture represents a reference architecture that can be tailored to industry and company to create a specific framework for own ...
A generic Business Architecture
The GODS generic business architecture illustrates the full product cycle from forecasting and planning, to demand creation, product delivery, sales and orders, ...
An Enterprise Architecture Frameworks classification
Many existing EA frameworks recommend you do the usual business, information, applications and technology layers and leave you at that. Is this a problem? No ...
The Cloud and theVirtual Enterprise
At the Enterprise level, SOA services can be seen as business functions, realised by both people and technology (not necessarily IT), that are accessed through ...
Business models versus business modelling
Osterwalder's business model is neither a business architecture nor the result of "business modelling", even though it sounds like it. A business model ...
Is the Enterprise Architect's job about influencing?
If Enterprise Architecture is important to a company, why not empower the EA function to make decisions rather than risk failure at the mercy of ...
The EA framework and a novel EA development method
A framework helps you build and decompose a system; the framework represents the meta architecture, that is the architecture of the architecture of a system.
Strategy, Planning and Enterprise Architecture functions, roles and relationships
Most if not every organization already have Strategy and Planning functions. So why do Enterprise Architecture pundits and reputed firms stress that EA ...
The critique of illuminated opinions on Enterprise Architecture and frameworks
The question is: do we need an EA framework? Yes, we do because the framework embodies in a structured manner the long experience of the many of us, our ...
Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Silos
A simple EA picture would illustrate the whole issue. You can easily judge what stays, what goes and what are the interconnections that traverse security zones ...
Should Enterprise Architecture enter rehab?
The EA problem consists in that we always preached about the ideal EA that promised to heal all ailments of the Enterprise while practising an EA that mainly ...
The definition of Enterprise Architecture, continued
EA is much more than the sum of its parts. And EA is more than IT.
Enterprise Architecture definition, revisited
Here is Nick Malik's blog on the definition of EA. The post is about Nick's own and quoted EA definitions from various sources: Here is the EARF's ...
The Enterprise Architecture framework patterns
The EA framework is the architecture of the Enterprise Architecture, that is the meta EA.
The Enterprise Architecture Values is delivered by its stakeholders
EA is not in itself about business improvement, technology alignment, strategic planning and portfolio management; EA enables them all though, if properly ...
EA FAQ short answers
Here are my answers to a few frequently asked questions that frequently get wrong answers. What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)? EA is the Architecture ...
EA Value
I have a feeling that most EAs cost more than they return.
Gartner's emergent Enterprise Architecture
I think Gartner makes a good point in that there are lots of EA architects wishing to wield influence without having devised in advance an Enterprise ...
The Cloud impact on Enterprise IT
Nowadays, the IT Enterprises, supplying equipment and applications, and outsourcing suppliers are both serving the customer Enterprises. With the Cloud, the IT ...
Systems integration in the Cloud, SOA and best practices
For integration between multiple Clouds and on-premise applications, a clean SOA architecture simply eliminates the internal integration fur-ball spreading in ...

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Adrian Grigoriu blogs about everything relating to enterprise and business architecture, SOA, frameworks, design, planning, execution, organization and related issues.

Adrian Grigoriu

Adrian is an executive consultant in enterprise architecture, former head of enterprise architecture at Ofcom, the spectrum and broadcasting U.K. regulatory agency and chief architect at TM Forum, an organization providing a reference integrated business architecture framework, best practices and standards for the telecommunications and digital media industries. He also was a high technology, enterprise architecture and strategy senior manager at Accenture and Vodafone, and a principal consultant and lead architect at Qantas, Logica, Lucent Bell Labs and Nokia. He is the author of two books on enterprise architecture development available on Kindle and published articles with BPTrends, the Microsoft Architecture Journal and the EI magazine. Shortlisted by Computer Weekly for the IT Industry blogger of the year 2011.

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