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Enterprise Architecture Matters

Adrian Grigoriu

Enterprise Architecture in posts going back a decade (ix)

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Who owns Intellectual Property?
Isn't IP about property that is the foundation of our economy and society since the very beginning?
Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture Projects
EA records all changes in the Enterprise and becomes the single source of updated information for all developments.
The Business Process journey in IT
A process exists in whatever we do. Sometimes, it is documented. A cook book is a good example of a process manual: boil the fish, fry the onions, add salt and ...
IT Enterprise Architecture and DODAF (2)
DODAF covers organization which is not common ground for other EA frameworks. It also covers Systems not solely IT technology.
IT Enterprise Architecture and DODAF (1)
DODAF, one of the most elaborate and mature EA frameworks, has been making steady progress and rallied customers along the way. But what does it mean to us in ...
SOA, Business Processes and Shared Services
A business process is part of a single end to end (e2e) process or workflow. In contrast, an SOA service may be called by many processes; it is designed and ...
SOA, to do or to buy!
The SOA business services design and orchestration is what people say you must do, not buy. But you can equally say that you buy SOA technology to integrate the ...
The role of IT and Enterprise Architecture
As the IT complexity and usage grows, Enterprise Architecture, SOA, ITIL frameworks and outsourcing will help you manage the complexity of IT in alignment with ...
Enterprise Architecture - what's in store for it?
EA will be finally recognized as a business discipline as well, having incorporated Value Chains, Business Models, Strategic Planning...
IT doesn't matter, EA does
We outsource the day to day IT routine operations, that is precisely the commoditised IT Nicolas Carr was talking about; we do not outsource IT architecture, ...
IT Obsolescence Criteria
IT obsolescence should be included in your Enterprise transformation roadmap and projects portfolio.
How to sell the EA
A natural progression to EA with obsolete systems and technologies replaced when the time has come and not before would reinforce the EA sell effort.
Layers, Views and the FFLV Framework Metamodel
The metamodel is the incorporation of the EA framework into the EA object metadata.
The FFLV Enterprise Architecture Framework Navigation
The FFLV cube representation becomes the Enterprise Architecture navigation User Interface. The Functions, Flows, Layers or Views represent entry points into ...
A Practical Enterprise Architecture Framework
Any Enterprise consists, at its basics, of Business processes delivering the products and the Technology and People resource layers implementing the business ...
The role and responsibilities of an Enterprise Architect
From a social viewpoint, the Enterprise Architect should be able to communicate, influence, negotiate, motivate, facilitate and inspire, in other words, get the ...
What an Enterprise Architect needs to know
The difficulty is to manage the vast knowledge required by an EA, spanning all business, technology and organization domains. To develop an EA, an Enterprise ...
The Enterprise Architect, a Leader in the Enterprise Transformation (ii)
A leader should be emotionally stable having a degree of Emotional Intelligence (EQ as opposed to IQ), so that he could understand, interpret and control ...
The EA Architect, a Leader in the Enterprise Transformation (i)
Leadership is the quality of an individual to attract followers for a specific purpose. For that a leader must inspire trust and respect coming from natural ...
SOA: The Real Benefits
SOA provides business service accountability, improving the common business and IT governance.

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Adrian Grigoriu blogs about everything relating to enterprise and business architecture, SOA, frameworks, design, planning, execution, organization and related issues.

Adrian Grigoriu

Adrian is an executive consultant in enterprise architecture, former head of enterprise architecture at Ofcom, the spectrum and broadcasting U.K. regulatory agency and chief architect at TM Forum, an organization providing a reference integrated business architecture framework, best practices and standards for the telecommunications and digital media industries. He also was a high technology, enterprise architecture and strategy senior manager at Accenture and Vodafone, and a principal consultant and lead architect at Qantas, Logica, Lucent Bell Labs and Nokia. He is the author of two books on enterprise architecture development available on Kindle and published articles with BPTrends, the Microsoft Architecture Journal and the EI magazine. Shortlisted by Computer Weekly for the IT Industry blogger of the year 2011.

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