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Decision-centric organizations also focus on automating, not just supporting, decisions. They use this focus to develop simpler, standard processes and to become more event-driven. With decisions at the forefront, organizations need to change their thinking about automation. Instead of regarding... Read More..
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My buddy Claye Greene, Principal Consultant at Technology Blue (a Decision Management Solutions partner) wrote a great little article on Decisions and Complex Event Processing that I highly recommend. Like Claye I think Event Processing and Decision Management are highlly... Read More..
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The second full day of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit is over and once again I have been taking notes rather than blogging live. Once again there were some great sessions - today I heard Steve Hendrick of... Read More..
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As the summer doldrums roll on I thought I would try and stir things up a little with a "2.0" post - specifically some thoughts on a software stack for "Application Development 2.0". Such a stack would:Model processes, events and... Read More..
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The International Business Rules Forum™ is the premier Conference dedicated to Business Rules, where the future of Business Rules, Decisioning, Compliance & Enterprise Design is taking shape! This year's event covers Business Rules, Decision Management, Business Process, Governance and Compliance.... Read More..
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Paul Vincent, over on the Complex Event Processing (CEP) Blog had a post on CEP vs Decisions and Rules that referred to my post on how decisions and business rules relate. He makes some great points and does a nice... Read More..
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Opher had a great post last week Event Processing Thinking: On Decision Agents in which he described decision agents and compared them to event processing agents.An Event Processing Agent may be a Decision Agent, or provider of input or trigger... Read More..
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James McGovern had a post on business rules and complex event processing in which he discussed the challenges of ESPN Ad's scheduling and asked a question:how would it work in an overall scheduling architecture that includes complex event processing where... Read More..
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Paul Vincent wrote a nice article on production rules over on the Tibco CEP blog and you should check it out if you were following last week's posts on event processing and decisioning (this one and this one and this... Read More..
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After my posts on event processing (this one and this one), Opher posted a thoughtful response in which he asked a question about decisions tied to events and decisions not tied to events. What I mean here is that there... Read More..
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James Taylor blogs about decision-management technologies such as predictive analytics and business rules, discussing how they deliver agility, improve business processes and bring intelligent automation to SOA.

James Taylor

James Taylor blogs on decision management for ebizQ, and is an independent consultant on decision management, predictive analytics, business rules, and related topics.

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