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I saw yet another article about the claims being paid by the BP Fund this weekend - BP fund czar promises bigger, faster claims - and it struck me that every time there is a disaster we go through this.... Read More..
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This week I am discussing the characteristics of a decision-centric platform. Because compliance is essential in decision making, the traceability of decisions and decision making logic to the organization's objectives, regulations and policies is essential. Business users changing decision... Read More..
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Inspired by this post by Vijay on Art of Software Reuse (Risks With Pursuing BPM Without SOA) I thought I would write something about the risks of pursuing BPM without decisioning - without decision management. When BPM is pursued without... Read More..
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The International Business Rules Forum™ is the premier Conference dedicated to Business Rules, where the future of Business Rules, Decisioning, Compliance & Enterprise Design is taking shape! This year's event covers Business Rules, Decision Management, Business Process, Governance and Compliance.... Read More..
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Jim Sinur had a short post on The Power of Visibility with BPM Enabled Processes that made me think about another kind of visibility - visibility of decisions. One of the most powerful benefits of adopting business rules to manage... Read More..
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I got a newsletter over the weekend with a very pertinent comment: In our last newsletter, the Facilities Team announced that we were in negotiations for a facility. Unfortunately, undocumented rules in the city's building code were discovered which put... Read More..
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John Reynolds over on the Thoughtful Programmer had a great post a little while back - 19th Century BPMS. In it he saidI sometime find it useful to describe a BPMS in terms of things and people that you probably... Read More..
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Wrapping up my responses to John Schmidt's post on Customer Centricity with a discussion of Mass Customization. John describes this as managing trade-offs and building sophisticated models to customize your response to each and every customer based on their value... Read More..
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I saw an article on Tips on Regulatory Compliance for the Call Center that made me think about call centers and decision management. It seems to me that making sure your staff can pass the 5 tests laid out is... Read More..
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There are a number of advantages gained by expressing business logic in business rules and using the processing and management facilities included with a Business Rules Management System to work with them. In brief summary: The separation of decision logic... Read More..
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James Taylor blogs about decision-management technologies such as predictive analytics and business rules, discussing how they deliver agility, improve business processes and bring intelligent automation to SOA.

James Taylor

James Taylor blogs on decision management for ebizQ, and is an independent consultant on decision management, predictive analytics, business rules, and related topics.

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