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Enabling the Event-Driven Enterprise by Mike Lough is an interesting take on the need to better exploit events, something often tied to decision-making. Mike makes some good points in this article and a couple in particular made me want to reply... Read More..
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Agile decisioning

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Brad Appleton recently wrote a piece on Agile Development Distilled that had a couple of interesting lists - he was designing a single Powerpoint slide to explain agile to someone. I thought both his lists were great and thought I... Read More..
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I got a link to this article "Soft Coding" from Reddit today. I have to say that I thought this was an unusually poor article. It boiled down to "I can think of stupid ways to do this therefore that... Read More..
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I saw this interesting article today (on ebizQ) by John Senor - Business Intelligence Goes Deep. John starts off making some good points. He says that you need "enhanced business intelligence at the deepest level - embedded within essential business... Read More..
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Robert Blasum wrote an article "Business Rules and Business Intelligence" in April issue of DM Review (link added 4/13). It is a good summary of why and how business rules can be useful in Business Intelligence and Performance Management. Robert... Read More..
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I saw this (no doubt old) humor today - If Architects Had to Work Like Programmers and it's wonderful. It made me think, though. What if your house was built the way your software often is? What if home owners... Read More..

Phil Murphy of Forrester recently published The Application Knowledge Deficit (subscription required). I won't reproduce his numbers here - it's not publicly available to non-subscribers - I would make two points: Almost no-one relied on reading the source code to... Read More..
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James Taylor blogs about decision-management technologies such as predictive analytics and business rules, discussing how they deliver agility, improve business processes and bring intelligent automation to SOA.

James Taylor

James Taylor blogs on decision management for ebizQ, and is an independent consultant on decision management, predictive analytics, business rules, and related topics.

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