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August 2007 Archives

I saw this post by Eileen Yu over on ZDNet Asia - Seven habits of effective developers - in which she discusses an interview with Lee Chuk Munn, a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems Asia-Pacific. I liked the list overall but a... Read More..
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Well I'm back and this week the main ebizQ site published an excerpt from the book I just wrote with Neil Raden, Smart (Enough) Systems. The excerpt is from Chapter 10, EDM and the IT Department - Book Excerpt: Smart... Read More..
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Well it's August and I am on vacation this week. I was also gone some days last week, hence the rather thin pickings! Look for more activity when I get back.... Read More..

I was perusing some Gartner Group "Hype Cycles" this week and noticed that the core technologies for decision management are climbing the slope to the plateau of productivity: Data Mining Workbenches, suitable for analytically deriving rules or building predictive models,... Read More..
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Mike Ferguson wrote an interesting piece today on A Business Process and Performance Management Framework for the Intelligent Business over on the B-Eye network. He talks about the need to have a more coherent performance management stack to bring balanced scorecard... Read More..
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Nancy Williams had a nice little article - New Angle on Customer Retention over on the B-eye network. Nancy makes a great point about the value of time series data in managing customer retention. I would go further, though, and say... Read More..
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Deborah Perelman wrote this nice little piece over on CIO Insights today - 7 Ways to Protect Legacy Systems When Boomers Retire. The article's focus was on the boomers who work in IT retiring but that's not your only problem. IT... Read More..
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David Kelly wrote a nice little article today - Building an SOA? What's Your Data Strategy? in which he makes some good points about the importance of data in SOA. I particularly liked a couple of his points, although I might take... Read More..
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I had an interesting call with Aaron from SeaTab last week. SeaTab is a SaaS BI vendor focused on retail, CBG and supply chain. Aaron was briefing folks as SeaTab had a new release out - we did not get... Read More..

James Taylor blogs about decision-management technologies such as predictive analytics and business rules, discussing how they deliver agility, improve business processes and bring intelligent automation to SOA.

James Taylor

James Taylor blogs on decision management for ebizQ, and is an independent consultant on decision management, predictive analytics, business rules, and related topics.

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