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I listened in on an ebizQ webinar today, The Path to SOA Enlightenment, and some interesting points came up about SOA education. The sponsor of the webinar was the Integration Consortium, which of course has a vested interest in encouraging... Read More..

Phil Wainewright posted one of the IT commandments today: Thou shalt document all thy works. This is a perfect followup to my post yesterday about SOA and data, although it may not appear obvious at first. Problem: application developers don't... Read More..
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Yesterday, I posted a rather whiny entry about rude customers (and Bob McIlree was kind enough to give me a comforting pat on the shoulder, virtually speaking -- thanks Bob!) so today I decided to get a bit more productive.... Read More..
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The last day at the Gartner conference was a short one for me: I skipped the vendor sessions in the morning, so only attended Daryl Plummer's session "BPM in the Service Oriented Architecture" and the Andrew Spanyi talk at lunch... Read More..
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