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At this point, it makes more sense to start labelling the posts by session title rather than presenter, since we're getting into some pretty detailed breakout topics. This one was presented by Roger King, Director of BPM Product Strategy &... Read More..
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Last in the morning's general session was Tom Laffey, TIBCO's EVP of products and technologies, and Matt Quinn, VP of product management and strategy. Like RanadivĂ©'s talk earlier, they're talking about enterprise virtualization: positioning messaging, for example, as virtualizing the network... Read More..
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I switched streams to the business rules symposium for the last breakout session of the day, The End of Requirements, because the description sounded too good to miss: Business wants control of the business back. For years we've lived with... Read More..
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There's an awful lot of keynotes in this conference: a couple of overall sessions this morning, now "track keynotes" for each of the four tracks within the BPM conference. I'm in Bruce Silver's New Directions in BPM Tools and Technology... Read More..
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If you're interested in the Discover business rules presentation that I blogged about from Gartner earlier this week, James Taylor has the slides over here.... Read More..
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Jim Sinur hosted a case study panel on scenario-based rules with two presenters: David Luce at UTi (a logistics outsourcing firm) and Husayn Alvarez-Gomariz at Micron (a semiconductor manufacturer). Luce started out talking about UTi, and how as a logistics provider, they are... Read More..
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For the second half of this morning's vendor sessions, I sat in on Fair Isaac's customer presentation, Michele Sprayregen Edelman of Discover Financial Services on Managing Business Rules and Analytics as an Enterprise Asset. As the largest proprietary credit card... Read More..
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Gartner Day 1: Jim Sinur

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Jim Sinur took the stage for Are Rules Inside-Out in BPM?, where he claimed that he'd push the envelope in how we thought about rules. He started with how rules are a start, but agility requires a full business rule... Read More..
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Vendor announcements today seem to have a sci-fi theme: first it was IDS Scheer and Microsoft with the Alliance, and now it's Corticon with the Foundation: the Business Rules Foundation, that is. I had a sneak preview last week with... Read More..
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The first breakout of day 2, I attended a session on "Optimizing Process Through Business Rules" with Marshal Edgison, Director of Application Development for ELM Resources, a not-for-profit organization focussed on facilitating and processing student loans, about how they're... Read More..
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