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Column 2

Sandy Kemsley

Sporadic email problems

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If you've emailed me this week at my kemsleydesign.com address and the email has bounced, it's because I'm in the process of changing hosting providers and Yahoo (the relinquishing provider) is doing everything in its power to screw things up for me -- like not transferring my domain to a new registrar upon request. I've updated my MX records to point to my new hosting provider (GoDaddy) while I'm waiting for the domain transfer to happen, and sometimes things get confused.

Email to me at the column2.com address shown on my blog profile page seems to be working fine, even though it redirects to the same kemsleydesign.com address, since the email for that domain name is routed through GoDaddy and it seems to know about other MX records hosted by GoDaddy.

With any luck, this will all be sorted out by the weekend.

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