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Sandy Kemsley

Gartner Day 3: Fair Isaac customer session

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For the second half of this morning's vendor sessions, I sat in on Fair Isaac's customer presentation, Michele Sprayregen Edelman of Discover Financial Services on Managing Business Rules and Analytics as an Enterprise Asset. As the largest proprietary credit card network in the US with 50 million cardholders and 4 million merchant and cash access locations, they need to have a good handle not just on what their customers are doing, but on how current market trends will change what their customers want to do in the future.

To them, this means using an advanced decision management environment: start with criteria- and rule-based decisions, then automate processes with business rule management, then increase decision precision with predictive analytics, and finally optimize strategies with predictive analytics. They're only a few steps of the way along this route, but are starting to automate decisions in a more sophisticated manner for things such as individual purchase approval/denial, in order to increase revenue and reduce losses.

They wanted a modelling environment that could be done by analysts without requiring IT support, as well as methods for integrating with the transactional systems for automating decisions. They use other decisioning tools besides Fair Isaac's, including SAS, and combine the decisions from all of the systems in order to make the ultimate decisions. When you look at what they've done, even in the simplified diagrams that Edelman showed us, it's hugely complex but provides them with a huge competitive advantage: they're using automated decisioning in a number of different areas across their organization, including portfolio scoring, dispute processing, customer contact strategy and many others.

She presented some final recommendations, the primary one being the importance of the data infrastructure that's going to drive the decisioning.

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I have been seeing a number of people posting from Gartner BPM and so I got hold of the slides that Discover Card used to present on the importance of decision management. They are right here: DiscoverAtGartner.pdf You can see... Read More

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I posted the presentation Discover used on rules and analytics for anyone who is interested. Check out my post

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