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Column 2

Sandy Kemsley

Gartner Day 2: Catching up with BPM bloggers

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Lunchtime today was spent chatting with two other BPM bloggers: first, I met with Jesper Joergensen of BEA for a chat about what they're doing; then I spent some time with Keith Swenson of Fujitsu, mostly talking about BPM standards. Add this to the fact that I had breakfast with Jason Klemow, and there's been some pretty good BPM blogger networking today.


Thanks for the Blog tips.
I listed a few in my blog (see URL), including your blog (excellent!).
Jesper's blog however has a last posting november 2006, so I might not fully agree on the "pretty good" label there ;-)

BTW: Great coverage of the BPM event. Will you participate in the London one?

Roeland Loggen

Roeland, the "pretty good" label was about the face-to-face networking, not a comment on their blogging. :)

No plans for BPM in London, unfortunately.

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