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Sandy Kemsley

Skipping Mashup Camp 3

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I've decided not to attend Mashup Camp 3 in Boston next week, in part because I just got back from a month vacation and have a ton of things to do (like this weekend's Enterprise Camp here in Toronto), and in part because I missed the window for cheap flights and I'm not willing to pay $900 to fly from Toronto to Boston -- the problem with being an independent is that you really scrutinize that extra $600 in airfare when it comes out of your own pocket!

Have fun without me this time.


I'm sorry you won't be there, because I was looking forward to meeting you, but maybe some other time in 2007 our paths will cross.

Enterprise Camp sounds really cool! Should be fun to read your blogging on that.

Anne, I was looking forward to meeting you and some others as well, so disappointed not to be going. Have a great time, and blog about it!

Sandy, its really bad you won't be there. As an avid reader of your blog, you are one of a few people I really wanted to see from the entire list of 250 attendies. I hoped to get your expert feedback on the new commercial open source ETL/EAI/ESB tool my company is releasing in February of 2007. May be I will email you after the event...

In this new 2007 I wish you a million diggs! Keep on doing an excellent job on this blog!

Renat, thanks for the kind words. Please feel free to email me to discuss your company's open source offering.

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