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Sandy Kemsley

SOA anti-patterns

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This is brilliant: Steve Jones on SOA anti-patterns. I was going to just do my usual link/auto-post, but it's inspired me to an entire post.

A few months back, I wrote an article for AIIM E-DOC Magazine on BPM Implementation Pitfalls that described my three favourite ways to screw up a BPM project: over-customization, allowing the business to design the solution, and applying the wrong BPM tool. Jones' article on SOA anti-patterns is more formal treatment along the same lines that addresses the following burning issue:

A lot of emphasis has been placed on implementing Service Oriented Software according to best practices and principles. But how about the worst practices?

He rigourously lays out several SOA anti-patterns that had me laughing out loud, including "The Shiny Nickel" (used to incorporate the latest technology buzz within your SOA for the sake of telling people about it) and "IT2B" (creating "business" services based on the belief that IT understands the business results in services that meet neither IT nor business goals).

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