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Andre Yee

What Marketing in a Web 2.0 World Looks Like

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Fellow ebizQ blogger, Phil Wainwright had a great post highlighting how the nature of selling in the "web era" has changed. I'd like to extend the discussion by exploring what marketing in this Web 2.0 world looks like - and no, we're not going to be talking about social media. Here are three themes foundational to this "new world" marketing -
[Disclosure: I work for Eloqua but this isnt about a specific technology]

Reading the Digital Body Language - Selling in this new Web 2.0 era needs to be radically different because buying patterns have changed. Increasingly, prospective buyers will engage the vendor only after they've done most of the research and evaluation on their own. The accessibility to information through search engines, blogs, etc.. has in some ways, dis-intermediated the clueless seller. It used to be that the vendor had visibility into the prospect's buying behavior -their interests, concerns, objections - think of it as their "body language". Unfortunately, that isn't true anymore, at least not for vendors that are stuck in the "old" model of selling. Marketing automation tools help recapture that visibility by tracking and analyzing elements of the online behavior - web visits, webinar attendance, downloaded papers, video viewed and more.

Leveraging Automation - Effective selling in the Web 2.0 is dependent on sustaining and building a relationship with the buyer. That can be increasingly difficult and extremely resource intensive. The ability to drive high touch, relationship based marketing by leveraging automation is key. What if you have prospects who aren't ready to buy just yet? No problem - placing them into an automated, nurturing program will ensure that you can continue to build the relationship and extend the conversation.

Marketing by Metrics - In a sub-par economic environment, it's vital for every organization to manage by metrics. In fact, it's required. CFOs all over the world are looking for $$$ to cut and getting to marketing ROI is vitally important. This means being able to report on which marketing campaigns work and which aren't taking off. Attributing specific revenue contribution to specific marketing campaigns or assets isn't optional anymore, it's essential.

Marketing and selling in a Web 2.0 world isn't mostly about blogging, tweeting or how to leverage Facebook. It's about recapturing the ability to measure and influence the buying process. Smart companies get it, clueless companies don't.

What is your experience with this evolving selling model?

Andre Yee blogs about cloud computing, SaaS, Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies that matter to businesses.

Andre Yee

Andre Yee is an entrepreneur and technologist with nearly 20 years of experience in the business of technology.

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