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March 2009 Archives

It's finally here - the ambitiously monikered "Open Cloud Manifesto". Over the past two weeks, it's been shrouded in mystery and garnered more attention for who's not signed onto its agenda. Microsoft has blogged about the lack of openness (ironically!)... Read More..
Lately, the big question looming over cloud computing is whether it'll be sufficiently reliable for the enterprise market anytime soon. Google's recent downtime with Gmail followed by Microsoft Azure's 22 hour outage only served to highlight the potential reliability problems.... Read More..
There's no question that social networks are radically changing the online user experience. According to a Nielsen Online study released last week, "Member Communities", a category that includes blogging sites and social networks, is now the fourth most popular online... Read More..
Fellow ebizQ blogger, Phil Wainwright had a great post highlighting how the nature of selling in the "web era" has changed. I'd like to extend the discussion by exploring what marketing in this Web 2.0 world looks like - and... Read More..
One of my 2009 predictions is the rise of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). If you're not familiar with RIAs, here's a quick summary. The phrase "Rich Internet Application" was first coined by developers from Macromedia in 2002. Early incarnations of... Read More..

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Andre Yee is an entrepreneur and technologist with nearly 20 years of experience in the business of technology.

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