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SOA is clearly making a comeback, typically around the emerging use of cloud computing. Why? We'll when we're dealing with clouds, we're dealing with services, and when we're dealing with services we should be dealing with SOA. Make sense? The... Read More..
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Okay, you need to push your customer data to Salesforce.com, and back again? There are dozens of technologies, cloud and not cloud, which can make this happen. Moreover, there are many best practices and perhaps pre-built templates that are... Read More..
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Consulting is a funny business. You have to remain relevant, so you have a tendency to follow the hype and follow the crowd. Cloud computing is the next instance of that, and many of the larger consulting organizations is chasing... Read More..
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It's a bit curious to me that most implementing cloud computing are struggling with the concept of integration, a topic that's near and dear to my heart. More surprising they are doing this as if integration itself was a new... Read More..
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So, why is SOA and SOA using cloud computing so different that we need a different approach to testing? As I've been stating here on this blog, many of the same patterns around testing a distributed computing system, such... Read More..
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Policies, as related to governance, are declarative electronic rules that define the correct behaviors of the services. However, they can be rules that are not electronically enforced. An example would be policies created by IT leaders who create rules that... Read More..
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Many in the world of cloud computing consider cloud computing as a new space that needs new standards. The fact is, most of the standards we've worked on in the world of SOA over the past several years are... Read More..
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Most consider cloud computing to be this magical technology that will solve all of world's IT problems. The reality is that you're still doing computing. You're still storing stuff, still processing stuff, still placing information in databases. This means --... Read More..
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Been thinking. Considering that loose coupling is a foundation of SOA, and I would say cloud computing as well, perhaps it's a good idea to break down loose coupling into a few basic patterns: Location independence, communication independence, security... Read More..
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This blog is your first step toward understanding the issues you will face as cloud computing and SOA converge. The movement to cloud computing is a disruptive change that IT departments will soon face as SOA and cloud computing begin to have an effect on the modern enterprise. IT managers must learn how to give as well as take information in this new, shareable environment, while still protecting their company's interests. Innovative companies will take advantage of these new resources and reinvent themselves as unstoppable forces in their markets. Those who don't take advantage of this revolution will become quickly outdated, perhaps out of business.

David Linthicum

David Linthicum is the CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, and an internationally known distributed computing and application integration expert. View more


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