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Where SOA Meets Cloud

David Linthicum

The Office Political Side of Cloud Computing

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There seems to be a side effect of cloud computing, that is the political football that cloud computing has become within most enterprises. While you would think that technology is something that's apolitical, cloud computing seems to be a lot different considering the far reach of this technology, and the way that it may change the business.

Core to this issue are the former cloud computing skeptics, that now see cloud computing as a way to grab some power and some career momentum. You know the guys, just last year stating "We'll never run any core business applications outside of our firewall." However, the same guys have recently changed their tune in light of the hype and momentum, and when questioned about their past statements suddenly get selective amnesia.

The truth of the matter is that cloud computing has been coming from the bottom up, and not the top down. Developers, architects, and other rank-and-file IT staffers saw the benefits of cloud computing early on and have been slowing and quietly moving data and applications to the cloud, in many instances under the radar of IT leadership.

These days cloud computing has been getting boardroom attention, considering that it's on all business news channels and in the mainstream business press. Thus, in reaction to the hype they are calling IT leadership on the carpet around how they are approaching cloud computing, and therefore the recent change in attitude.

Those that are looking for a power grab are quickly positing themselves as cloud computing thought leaders within the enterprise, and in many cases grabbing projects away from those lower in the organization who have been promoting the use of cloud computing all along. So, these political animals are leading the cloud computing charge in many instances. Not because it's the right technology to leverage or they understand it, but because it's good career positioning to do so. In many cases they are not the right people to promote the use of cloud computing within the enterprises, unfortunately.

Not sure there is any cure for this.

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David Linthicum

David Linthicum is the CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, and an internationally known distributed computing and application integration expert. View more


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