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The role of the enterprise risk manager has finally become clear: close the gap between strategic level risks and the operational risks faced at the activity level. Despite being a relatively new corporate discipline, expectations for ERM value are already... Read More..
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Most agree that working from the top down, meaning to first identify corporate objectives, then focus on the details of how to achieve them is what most managers wish they could be doing more of. However, the reality is most... Read More..
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Businesses began with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) from the dawn of civilization. The first businesses were small and therefore one person knew all their customers, suppliers and processes. They knew all the risks within their business how they were connected... Read More..
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The first shoe to drop was government regulations holding the Board of Directors personally responsible for the effectiveness of enterprise risk management programs at their organizations. Boards are given a choice between proving their risk management programs are effective or... Read More..
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How do you manage the uncertainty of what has not happened yet? That's where enterprise risk management software (ERM Software) also known as operational risk management software comes in. It tracks the emerging risks and changes to existing risks across the... Read More..
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The Costa Concordia, a Carnival Cruise Line owned ship, ran aground resulting in at least 6 deaths. This is a 4,000-passenger, 115,000 -ton cruise mega-ship, with the latest and greatest technology, as it is just 5 years old. As an Enterprise Risk... Read More..
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The number of business measures within organizations is typically growing. Measures are often added on a reaction basis to loss events that have already occurred. Wouldn't it be valuable to be able to focus on forward looking measures? In most organizations, these... Read More..
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People often associate business resiliency with IT but it's really an enterprise wide problem. Your company may be Fort Knox when it comes to technology issues, but is your company prepared if severe inflation or other risks were to... Read More..
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Articles on ERM typically provide valuable examples, but many risk managers have been asking for quantitative evidence supporting ERM standards. With contributions from the RIMS ERM Committee, I developed the RIMS Risk Maturity Model to meet the need of actionable... Read More..
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The business environment evolves, organizations evolve and people’s roles and contributions must evolve as well. Some risk managers have expressed frustration due to insufficient resources or support from senior management. Risk managers who have an active role in financial reporting... Read More..
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In this blog, risk expert Steven Minsky highlights the differences between traditional risk management and true enterprise risk management, which is about helping things happen rather than preventing them from happening. Manage Tomorrow's Surprises Today is designed to help you think about risk in new ways and learn how to benefit practically from this rapidly evolving field.

Steven Minsky

Steven is the CEO of LogicManager, Inc. the leading provider of ERM software solutions. Steven is the architect of the RIMS Risk Maturity Model for ERM, author of the RIMS State of ERM Report among many other papers, and a RIMS Fellow (RF) instructor on ERM. Steven has conducted ERM and RIMS Risk Maturity Model training for hundreds of organizations around the globe. Steven is a patent author of risk and process management technology and holds MBA and MA degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and The Joseph H. Lauder Institute of International Management. You can reach Steven at steven.minsky@logicmanager.com.

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