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Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are a concern for every company in every industry. In 2016, 4.2 billion records were stolen during 4,149 reported data breaches. This doesn't take into account breaches not noted in the public record.According to a Ponemon Institute survey, while security... Read More..
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Cyber Risk Needs to Be Prioritized: Points for ImprovementCyber risks like data breaches and ransomware are too often shrugged aside. The possibility of a cyberattack is rarely ignored, but it also rarely receives the attention it deserves. There are a few reasons for this:Risk-based... Read More..

The words "data breach" are often met by a clamor whenever they make headlines. Home Depot, Target, Ashley Madison, Heartland, Citibank, the list goes on and on. These breaches spent time in the limelight because of their magnitude; they affected... Read More..

Back in August of 2015, we discussed a vulnerability in Android's operating system that put both personal and professional data at risk. This is just one example of the fact that improved technologies, while vital to continued growth, can bring with them... Read More..

Cyberattack prevention measures will always be necessary. The constant threat of data breaches and other hacks is simply a fact of business. Priority targets are no longer limited to retailers and banks; insurers, hospitals, energy producers, and (most recently) a host... Read More..

Credit union online news agency CUInsight.com recently published an article declaring cybersecurity a "must" for credit unions. In support of its position, author Stuart Levine cites more than 400 incidents - recorded by the Identity Theft Resource center in 2015 -... Read More..
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The concept of cyberattacks, while still disturbing, is no longer as new and unfamiliar as it was five years ago. However, we are still seeing money invested in inefficient and ineffective risk mitigation responses. All the major corporations that have... Read More..
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In this blog, risk expert Steven Minsky highlights the differences between traditional risk management and true enterprise risk management, which is about helping things happen rather than preventing them from happening. Manage Tomorrow's Surprises Today is designed to help you think about risk in new ways and learn how to benefit practically from this rapidly evolving field.

Steven Minsky

Steven Minsky is CEO of LogicManager, Inc., a leading provider of ERM software solutions, and a recognized thought leader in enterprise risk management (ERM). He is the author of the RIMS Risk Maturity Model (RMM) and corresponding 2008 and 2015 State of ERM Reports. Steven is also a patent author in risk and process management technology and an instructor on many ERM and GRC topics.

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