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Earlier this month, IBM announced that it has integrated its FileNet BPM offering with Cognos 8 (which IBM also owns) and its business intelligence features. The company has also transformed its January acquisition of AptSoft into IBM WebSphere Business Events,... Read More..
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The wait is over. Now, the wait can begin. There is a standard known as Web Services Business Process Execution Language, or WS-BPEL. It's promulgated by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information (OASIS), a broadly supported and widely... Read More..
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I've quoted Shakespeare's Henry V above. (That's "Henry the Fifth" for the apparently increasing number of you who have never received instruction about Roman numerals.) The king went on to say this to encourage his troops into spirited battle. "In... Read More..
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I had a great conversation recently with Mark Anderson, Executive Vice President of Overtone Software, Inc., and Mark Presnell, CEO at Ability Software Ltd. Overtone offers several interesting and useful solutions for creating and managing content from Microsoft Corp. Exchange... Read More..
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Unstructured Data: Yet Another "First Mile" Challenge to Effective BPM OK, this is likely my last Lotusphere-inspired rant for this year, for those of you who have been waiting for me to stop harping on that event. However, I did... Read More..
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Another "first mile" stumbling block in the path towards effective, human-centric BPM (and/or business knowledge management or BKM) is capture of information in ways that are easily usable by IT systems, yet easily used by humans. In this context, the... Read More..
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I've been reading some of the more recent postings in James Taylor's Decision Management blog here on ebizQ, and I find his insights refreshingly business- and human-focused and to the point. You might find them so as well. So while... Read More..
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OK, let's review. One way to make traditional BPM "disappear" is for BPM-enabled applications and services to appear and proliferate. This means vendors need to help to enable the easy construction, deployment, management, and revision of such applications, by independent... Read More..
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"While it pains me to endorse the 'evil empire,' human-centric BPM technologies that leverage Microsoft Office really do have a leg up. People use Excel and Word. What's strange is that Microsoft itself doesn't own a human-centric BPM software [offering]."... Read More..
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