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Anne Stuart

Forrester Forum: Advice on dealing with digital disruption

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It's the final day of Forrester's "Embracing Digital Disruption" Forum in Orlando, Fla.

Be sure to visit ebizQ's Forrester Forum home page for coverage from the event. Meanwhile, here are just a few of insights and tips Forrester's analysts have shared so far:

"Digital disruption is changing the tech industry, and it reaches deep into your organization." -- Kyle McNabb, vice president and practice leader.

"Digital disruption is not a single event. It is 'death by a thousand digital cuts.' Your big competitors will make a thousand digital improvements. Or a thousand new competitors will wipe you out with digital innovations." --James L. McQuivey, vice president and principal analyst.

"You have to disrupt your company's processes...When you disrupt your processes, you become the department of 'yes' rather than the department of 'no.'"--McQuivey, also author of "The Disruptor's Handbook: How to Make the Most of Digital Disruption," scheduled for publication in January 2013.

"The proliferation of mobile computing power will ripple into backend systems, a transformation equal in magnitude to the advent of Web-based information and transaction systems in the 1990s." -- Andrew Bartels, vice president and principal analyst.

"The 'work-anywhere' future is a world in which work is something you do, not a place you go. Mobile is the new face of engagement. But the system of engagement has to connect with your systems of record." --Alan Weintraub, principal analyst.

"Think of governance as guardrails rather than as controls and gates. Look at where guardrails can be placed in a data process. Empower your employees for data citizenship." --Michele Goetz, senior analyst.

Stay tuned--there's more to come.

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