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Anne Stuart’s BPM in Action

Anne Stuart

Dispatches from the Gartner BPM Summit

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Greetings from Gartner's 2012 BPM Summit in Baltimore. About 750 of us are here learning about people, politics and process--the theme of this year's event.

Visit our Summit home page for conference coverage and related content.

Meanwhile, here are a handful of insights and tips excerpted from content over the past couple of days:

First things first:
"BPM is about change first. Technology follows good practices and design...Process models are a means to end, not the deliverable." ­­--Elise Olding, Gartner Research director and BPM Summit chair

Communicating about change: "Great leaders over-communicate. Great organizations over-communicate. People have to hear it again and again for it to be reinforced." -Keynote speaker Patrick Lencioni, consultant, president of The Table Group and author of best-selling books on leadership

Social success: "Success with social media and social collaboration is fundamentally a leadership and management challenge. It is not a technology challenge. It's all about changing human behaviors. [After all], what is business process improvement about but changing human behavior? It is the future. It is the new frontier." - Keynote speaker Anthony J.Bradley, a Gartner Research group vice president and co-author of "The Social Organization"

Business value: "There are no IT projects. There are only business projects. There's only business driving forward. If you're doing something in IT and you can't tell me the business value for it, you need to stop and ask yourself why you're doing it."--Betsy Burton, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst

Get smart: "In an era of accelerating business processes and increasing competition, companies must make their operations more intelligent if they are to thrive, or even survive....Conventional business operations cannot satisfy what people want. There are very few processes that can stay the same."--Jim Sinur, Gartner Research vice president

Hire for transformation: "Through 2015, 80% of organizations will need better transformation skills to improve cross-functional processes....Over-hire for transformation expertise." --Michele Cantara, Gartner Research vice president

Gamification defined: "Gamification is the process of using gaming thinking and mechanics to engage users. The most important word on this screen is 'process.' We don't arrive at Gamification Station. We never get there."--Gabe Zichermann, keynote speaker; entrepreneur and author

Stay tuned--more to come!

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