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Anne Stuart

BPM's biggest driver: Operational efficiency

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The desire to improve operational efficiency is the No. 1 reason prompting organizations to turn to BPM, according to the results of ebizQ's annual survey of business and IT professionals.

Seventy-five percent of those surveyed cite operational efficiency as the top driver for using, planning to use or considering investing in a BPM suite (BPMS).

Cost-cutting, business agility and service are also major purchase drivers, according to the survey, which allowed respondents to identify up to three reasons for their interest in BPM.

Nearly half the respondents hope that BPM will help them reduce costs, while 44% are seeking to increase business agility. More than a third hope that BPM will improve service.

Other drivers include:
• Supporting business transformation initiatives (19%)
• Providing competitive advantage (19%)
• Enabling continuous process improvement (18%)
• Reducing risk and fraud (15%)
• Improving regulatory compliance (14%)
• Increasing revenue and/or profits (7%)
• Adding value to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation (4%)

What about the organizations that aren't using BPM suites and don't plan to do so? Among those, 48% say they simply don't see a need for the technology. (And it's not just small businesses in the "no-need" camp. While many who chose this response represent organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees, nearly a third work for midsize companies with up to 5,000 workers.)

Another 22% cite lack of executive support as the primary reason their companies have steered clear of BPMSs. And smaller percentages report that either no current technology fits their needs or that the available choices are too expensive.

ebizQ's in-depth survey polled nearly 140 business and IT professionals about their challenges and priorities in BPM, case management, event processing, business activity monitoring and decision management. You'll find additional survey insights in ebizQ's features, newsletters and other content.

READER FEEDBACK: Meanwhile, what do you see as the biggest factor driving organizations to embrace BPM? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Comment here or e-mail me at astuart@techtarget.com.

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