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Digging into dynamic case management

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These days, BPM professionals at all levels and of all types are talking a great deal about dynamic case management (DCM) So at ebizQ, we've been thinking about DCM a lot as well.

Over the next several weeks, we'll examine DCM from a variety of angles. We'll offer features and expert Q & As on using analytics for better case management, building effective DCM architectures and obtaining the best possible case outcomes, among other topics.

Meanwhile, I invite you to browse our existing DCM content. A few recent highlights:

--By enhancing 'knowledge work,' DCM generates new value for businesses, by Lynn Haber.

  • --DCM: A valuable tool for tackling problematic business processes, by Alan Earls.

  • --Reality check: Debunking myths and misconceptions about DCM, by Lynn Haber.

  • --Expert advice: Managing change in case management, by Peter Schooff.

    You'll also find advice for using DCM to manage "untamed processes" in this exclusive ebizQ Guide.

    Again, there's much more to come!

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