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Anne Stuart’s BPM in Action

Anne Stuart

A few keynote highlights from the Gartner BPM Summit

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I'll be writing and posting much more about last week's Gartner BPM Summit in the coming days.

Meanwhile, here are a few quick big-picture insights and predictions from the opening and closing presentations.

From Gartner Fellow and Vice President Ken McGee's opening keynote:

On BPM and business:

--"This is the age of the two B's: business process and business intelligence."

--"This is the time for the business process professional, and I'm here to tell you this will be the case for a very, very long time."

--"In your careers, you have spent far more time in growth [periods] than in recession....Now is the time to seize the opportunity...2011 will the most important year for the rest of your career."

On BPM and technology:

--"By 2016, one-third of worldwide mobile consumer marketing will be context-awareness-based."

--"Through 2015, pattern-seeking technology will be the fastest growing intelligence investment among the most successful Global 2000 companies."

--"Through 2015, 80% of enterprises will lack a coherent approach for dealing with information from the collective"--that is, social networks and social computing.

-- "By 2016, all Global 2000 companies will use public cloud services."

From the closing keynote by Gartner Fellow and Managing Vice President Daryl C. Plummer:

--"Agility is about optimal sense-and-response. Resiliency is about stability amid repeated adaptation. The future requires both for the stability of a competitive organization....By 2021, true agility will depend on resiliency."

--Visibility is critical: "If you can't see it, you can't fix it. You probably don't even know you have it."

--"Cloud computing is beginning to change next-generation BPM thinking...[But] it's a fantasy to think we'll be doing 100% of BPM in the cloud."

Among Plummer's recommendations:

--"Seek agility and focus on resiliency in process as well as operations."

--"Focus on collaboration, not just on process improvement. If you collaborate [well enough,] you may not even need that process."

--"Intelligence must be embedded in your business."

--"The cloud will invade your plans. Ride out the storm."

These are just a few of the choicest tidbits. Watch for more conference-related coverage soon!

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