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Anne Stuart

Gartner: BPM will separate 'haves' and 'have-nots'

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Gartner analysts forecast that, over the next few years, process excellence will propel some Global 2000 companies to the head of the pack.

And, the analysts warned in releasing their annual BPM prognostications, lack of attention to BPM could cause other enterprises to wind up as big-time losers.

Specifically, analysts predicted that "Between now and year-end 2014, overlooked but easily detectable business process defects will topple 10 Global 2000 companies."

In other words, analysts say, process failures at 10 corporate giants are likely to damage reputations, alienate customers, provoke regulatory action or even bring down the whole business. (For more details, see "Tip: Want competitive advantage? Make BPM a core competency, Gartner says.")

See this announcement for more on Gartner's prediction and a link to the full report,

Meanwhile, what do you think of Gartner's prediction? Agree? Agree with reservations? Disagree? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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I agree with them. I will be posting a blog on the topic on ebizq later today...

This is a good time to make effective/efficient business process management your company's core competency. That should lead to lower costs, increased revenue and improved customer relationships...

Anne, I tend to agree with Gartner’s prediction. In today’s world a pharmaceutical company could go bust if not following FDA regulations and strict internal procedure to maintain its quality. Car manufacturers have to manage their recall processes. Insurance companies have to manage their cash deposits processes, etc. Failure in one of the above has the potential to cause so much damage to a company that it would bring it down.


I disagree. I am responsible for the BPM platform in a pharmaceutical company so I should be tempted to agree. However the industry did not wait for BPM to be FDA compliant or manage processes. Companies are doing this for years. BPM just brings a better toolkit and another approach to it.

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