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Anne Stuart

Battling 'BPM backslide'

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It's bitterly cold and snowy here in the Northeast, but the ebizQ Forum has been has busier than a Cape Cod beach on a sunny summer day.

My current favorite Forum discussion involves avoiding "BPM backslide"--that is, the situation in which users revert from improved processes back to their old ways of working. I'll bet most of us can come up with process-backsliding examples from our own experience.

This discussion, launched by ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff, offers plenty of great insights. Many focus on the importance of seeing things from the end users' perspective--particularly in terms of exactly why they're slipping back into their traditional work patterns. One participant advises: "Genuinely empathize with the human aspects of executing the process [and] look for ways to address their biggest pain areas."

Another notes that backsliding doesn't necessarily mean users are resistant to change or reluctant to learn. In fact, "many users are excited to try something new, even if they won't admit it publicly," he says. The key to keeping those users excited and moving forward, in his view: "Supporting them effectively when reality bites and the new processes are in place and things don't quite work as expected."

What do you think? Join the debate in the ebizQ Forum, or contact me anytime with your thoughts.

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