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Can Social BPM Deliver Big Business Impact?

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Everything seems to be trending social these days, as everyone's job now seems to involve more and more social media (see me at Twitter @peter_ebizq). And as BPM is one of the key turnaround technologies for business, what about social BPM?

If this caught your interest, than make sure to check out ebizQ's BPM in Action Virtual Event coming this Wednesday, June 23rd. This topic will be covered in depth by Forrester's excellent Clay Richardson. Turn in for a specific session or check in all day, which you can do right here.

The social BPM question came up on the Forum, which asked, Is it Social, or is it BPM?

Michael zur Muehlen responded: If you consider process discovery, the development of a shared understanding of what your operations look like, and monitoring your process environment, then social plays a big role.

Theo Priestley said: Actually I see it more as a change agent that affects these markets I've talked about, it's the transparency and ease of collaboration that is the key element, dropping silos where really none should actually exist. Perhaps the question should really be, "what is BPM for the 21st century?"

Tom Allanson added: While social networking can allow business users to meet other likeminded individuals, the core of BPM is still about maximizing efficiency for a specific group of people.

Rashid N. Khan said: Processes involve people and people are social beings who interact with each other in complex ways. BPM was (or should have been) social even before the advent of Social Media.

Clay Richardson said: Basically social capabilities are now assumed to be baked into BPM offerings. I think the real question now is how do you move your organization to harness social BPM capabilities.

So exactly how do you get organizations to harness social BPM capabilities. I'd say tune in this Wednesday to BPM in Action.

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