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IBM Buys Lombardi

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As you can imagine, the Twittersphere and Blogosphere are alive with the news of IBM acquiring Lombardi. I also started a Forum on this very subject.

First of all, it's an interesting purchase, as Lombardi's founder and CTO, Phil Gilbert, back in July, in a blog titled, "It Isn't BPM It's IBM," wrote that IBM doesn't do BPM, not really, despite the Orwellian marketing rhetoric.

As Miko Matsumura wrote on his blog, he imagines that blog will be coming down soon. And with the purchase of Lombardi, a company which every analyst seems to hold in high regard, IBM will now most certainly be doing BPM.

As Dennis Byron writes: Ironically in 2009, one of the big proponents of the a la carte approach, not surprisingly, was Lombardi Software. But market consolidation is an inexorable force in any market and BPM software is no exception. Increasingly your options are being reduced.

Another interesting point Byron makes is: One of my rules of thumb is that the longer the press release, the more strained the synergy between the merging product lines.

Sandy Kemsley starts out writing that, in a better economic climate, Lombardi would probably be looking for an IPO instead of a buy-out. As she writes further: Lombardi will become part of the WebSphere team, which is what I said that they should have done with FileNet's BPM three years ago when that acquisition happened; maybe they'll do this one right so that the product actually becomes an integral part of IBM's BPM offering rather than a poor cousin.

Now for some of the comments from Twitter:

Just digested ILOG, the Oger is hungry again

IBM to buy enterprise software maker Lombardi: Big Blue is acquiring the top provider of business process management sof

@rwang0: #IBM buys Lombardi Software to bolster BPM and process orchestration

@puleen: Big competition for @pegasystems?

IBM builds hoover to rival Dyson, sucks up Lombardi

Lombardi CEO blog Aug 08: "Companies have evaluated whether the.. tools marketed as "BPM" by Oracle, SAP and IBM can work. They don't."

RT IBM buys Lombardi, what do you think? <-- i thought Lombardi would end up at @progresssw glad i wasn't betting ;-

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