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Should Businesses Build Their Own Processes?

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Jim Sinur wrote an interesting blog on a not too well kept secret: now that building processes has become so easy, that many professionals have started to build their own without any help from IT.

On one hand, it simply seems inevitable that people start building processes to suit their individual needs. On the other, though, is what about IT oversight and control.

Jim had a couple of interesting responses:

Phil Ayers wrote: "My feeling is that the reason business people have to build apps is that their IT or systems teams just don't have the time or experience to do the same."

While pervasive, Ian Gotts said some of the issues raised were:

- uncontrolled cloud-based apps are moving data outside the firewall which is potentially high risk

- the business are building apps that are duplicating apps which the CIO has already funded

- those apps the business are building are being built with little or no rigor : process modelling, data modelling, testing, implementation

David Wright added: "This is not new, starting back with spreadsheets being used as business apps, followed by Microsoft Access. Any app developed in this way has pretty much the same end; it becomes something the business depends on, and then it starts having problems that the business can't fix, and that's when IT gets called to try and save the day."

So this is very interesting, if very inevitable. Stay tuned.

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