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Anne Stuart’s BPM in Action

Dennis Byron

Looking at Enterprise Software Technologies for BPM in the Cloud

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My research in support of an upcoming Business Process Management (BPM) in Cloud feature article to appear here on ebizQ soon and the ebizQ Cloud QCamp that follows in early June is complete. This project really provided a chance to look at some very interesting technological underpinnings to the special needs and opportunities of BPM in the Cloud (note that I have been converted by the research and no longer think the cloud is just SaaS redux).

Some of the technology, such as the new Tap In Cloud Management Service (CMS) is generic to cloud computing and not simply BPM related. It is a low-cost systems management solution for managing your cloud and on-premises infrastructure from one point. It is built on an event management architecture and not surprisingly, it itself runs in the cloud, initially in the Amazon cloud. Peter Loh, Tap In founder, explained how agents are available for both Linux and Windows and let you pick what you want to monitor. Then CMS interfaces to other management tools such as HP OpenView or brand-name configuration management products. The leading BPM players need to talk to Peter to get their own agents out on his cloud.

And I also saw a lot of technology developments unique to BPM. They're are in the areas of federation, support for dual-instance (public/private) cloud deployments, support for process (vs. systems) peformance monitoring, audting features and other applications that--as I say in my feature article--make one and one (BPM and the cloud) add up to more than two. A lot of the technology I saw seems to make the concept of intelligent process automation that I have been writing and speaking about for 5 years seem a little closer. Maybe the cloud's the thing that will push intelligent process automation (the medling of BI and BPM) into the mainstream.

In addition to the upcoming article, we will discuss these trends at the June 3 QCamp on BPM in the Cloud. As always, send me emails and comments so I can concentrate on questions that interest you. You can also leave comments and questions on the Cloud QCamp registration page.

-- Dennis Byron


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I m eager to read your article on cloud and bpm: it s a key subject yet far from being addressed in depth. Cloud may well be the real enabler of bpm, bringing bpm beyond it s current somewhat confidential use, and for sure making bpm affordable so that it s ROI becomes finally less subject to discussion.

Hopefully you got a chance to check RunMyProcess in your research: a fully operationnal cloud based bpm suite, arguably one of the most comprehensive and most ergonomic to date.

looking forward to reading your research. Here is a blog I have written, that I wanted to share with you.

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