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Come Hear How ERP and BPM Are Blending

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On April 21, I will be hosting an webinar that pulls together a lot of the latest hot buttons in information technology (IT) and business process management (BPM). They are cloud computing, next-generation ERP, and open source. The session is sponsored by open-source ERP provider Compiere and features Compiere user Jerry Skaare, CEO of O-SO Pure, who will describe how he is using a cloud-based instance of Compiere to run his organization.

You might want to know how I am drawing the circle around both ERP and BPM. Well as I've written elsewhere on this blog, ERP is just prepackaged BPM. But I am seeing a new generation ERP offering--and Compiere is an example--where the prepackaged BPM features are more exposed than with traditional ERP. So the lines are blurring.

In addition, Mike Culver, Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, will explain the infrastructure implications of the Compiere offering. Cloud computing is another means of overcoming some of the traditional difficult implementation and ongoing administrative issues surrounding traditional ERP deployments.

Listen in on April 21 at noon East Coast U.S. time or thereafter when the recorded session will be available. The advantage of "attending live" is that you can participate in a QandA. In addition, you can ask a question ahead of time on the registration page.

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