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Dennis Byron

BPM VIEWPOINT: What's the Scam in These New BPM Blog Posts?

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I am noticing some kind of scam in a lot of business process management (BPM) blog posts since I started surfing the web as ebizQ BPM Community Manager (my role is described here).

Here is an example of what I assume is a scam that poppued up today.

"Wednesday, February 4, 2009 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Oak Grove Systems CEO Chuck Ames Discusses BPM
"Recent get up aloft contained by the business act government (BPM) outer space signal a coming of age in favour of an name that until just now be the focus of pure-play BPM provider. So say Chuck Ames, president and CEO of Oak Grove Systems, a BPM software company base in Calabasas, California.
"JBoss' recent jBPM announcement, along next to acquisition resembling Tibco's purchase of Staffware and Oracle's (Nasdaq: ORCL) purchase of Collaxa, spike to a larger trend: more enmity equals more flicker equals more adoption. Indeed, a mushrooming cadre of company that include hefty hitters like Oracle, BEA Systems (Nasdaq: BEAS) , IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) be challenging for a BPM bazaar that Gartner predict will see mild double-digit crack out, to US$598 million, through 2007."

(I am not providing the link in case the idea of the scam is to capture your identity somehow via your clicking on the page.)

This caught my eye because I knew that Chuck sold Oak Grove to Seagull four years ago. And a little googling told me that this actual headline ran in EC Times five years ago. The jibberish (sp.?) in these blog posts goes on and on; I am only showing a few paragraphs here to make the point. And I was able to repeat this one because it did not seem to be related to porn.

So what's the scam? Is it unique to BPM? I am guessing it has something to do with business process management's popularity as a "tag" or "search term" as described jokingly in this recent blog post.

Anyone know what the point is? If so, please email or comment and educate this old guy who started in the IT business when the only way to interface to the computer was with punched paper tape.

-- Dennis Byron


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Happens to me with different topics, not just BPM It most likely has something to do with timestamps on pages (syscon is notorious). Pages get a more recent (like in today) 'last modified' timestamp because the content management system puts a new add in it. Searchengine think it is new info et voila... Personally I excluded 'syscon' in my google alerts and the number of exclusions grow by the month.

Hi, Dennis.

These are just "honeypot" sites that munge legit content to improve their search results. They often make money by displaying ads, or worse, leveraging vulnerabilities in browsers to download malicious code to the visitor's machine.

They also like to send trackbacks to your blog with ridiculous comments like "nice post" in order to improve their page ranks.


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