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Anne Stuart’s BPM in Action

Dennis Byron

What's a BPM Community Manager?

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When ebizQ managing editor Peter Schooff asked me a few months ago to be the ebizQ BPM Community Manager when ebizQ switched over to its new web-site look, I said

"Sure! What's a community manager?"

Well I've been doing it now for a few months and I hope you find it useful. In 25 words or less, it means

"I am acting on your behalf to find, report and occassionally write real interesting stuff about business process management (BPM), stuff you don't have time to surf for yourself."

What I'm doing varies as follows (and you have a role too or it's not a community).

  • Some of the stuff comes from elsewhere on the web. We call them "takeaways" and they appear under the headling "Around the web" under each of the "Improving Business Processes" topics (e.g., BPM in the Real World, Human-Centric BPM)

  • Some of it is breaking news, but I am not trying to replace ComputerWorld or the BusinessWire. It'll just be news I think might affect your job in the near term.

  • Some of it will be my own feature articles or podcasts I record with interesting players I meet in the BPM market.

  • Some of it will be interesting articles you send me as guest editorials (send them or any ideas you'd like to write about to dennis@ebizq.net)

  • And of course, some of it shows up in my own blog postings

  • So I'm here for you when it comes to BPM. Let me know what you'd like to see.

    -- Dennis Byron

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