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Anne Stuart’s BPM in Action

Dennis Byron

Calling for Input on BPM-Related Financial Management Software

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As part of my community manager role here at ebizQ, I author a monthly series of business process management (BPM) articles highlighting different BPM software approaches taken in different industries--and across all industries--hopefully highlighting what real users are doing.

  • What's hot, what's not?
  • Why did you do BPM that way or this way?
  • Why generic BPM vs industry specific or vice versa?
  • Why BPM vs. ERP or vice versa?
  • Why workflow vs. straight-through processing?

Those are some of the questions we would like to answer. Previous industry-specific articles have covered BPM in Insurance, BPM in Financial Services (certainly a hot topic in 2008), BPM in Government (sure to be a hot topic in 2009 at least in the U.S.), and so forth. In addition to such industry-specific examples, other articles in 2008 covered SOA vis a vis BPM, and the Role of BPM in Enterprise Governance.

Next up is "BPM in Financial Management" in February 2009. We are looking for examples of how BPM is used in basic accounting, customer/supplier accounting (and variations of that in healthcare or other services industries where the terminology may differ), treasury management, government compliance, and controller/auditor functions.

If you sell such a product, I will email you the survey instrument if you will simply send me an email at dennis@ebizq.net. If you would prefer to be interviewed, put that in the email and we can set up a time.

If you are an IT guy or BPM expert--an employee or consultant--implementing such a project in or for a CFO or other financial manager, send me an email and I will contact you.

The article on BPM in Financial Management is tentatively scheduled for release in mid-February 2009. A company's product(s) or projects may be mentioned based on my secondary research but if you would like to formally participate, contact me by Monday January 26, 2008 at dennis@ebizq.net.

-- Dennis Byron

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