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“Renting BPM,? “BPM Live,? and “The Big Mash-Up?

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Dennis Byron, my new ebizQ BPM “blogmate? and one of my favorite pundits, wrote recently about Appian and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. I love the idea of “renting BPM,? and agree with Dennis completely that it’s something we could sooner rather than later, and not necessarily just from Appian.

I found another recent announcement equally interesting. In February, Vitria announced M3O, an environment it claims “empowers business users to directly model, manage, monitor and optimize their business processes.?

If you talk with senior executives at other BPM companies, as I have done recently, you hear several terms and variations repeated with increasing frequency. A distillation of what I’ve heard, without quite so much release-related rigor, comes out very close to the Vitria announcement.

That is to say, what users apparently want and need – or at least what vendors think users want and need now – is the ability to model processes, then execute those model processes immediately and directly, with as much IT cooperation as available and as little required IT intervention as possible.

A single view of the process, the data it accesses, and its effects, in a secure “sandbox? that allows near-real-time manipulation and optimization, without disrupting business operations. Rapid collaboration between and among the businesspeople driving processes and the IT people managing the infrastructures that enable those processes.

You get the idea. Think of it as a kind of “BPM Live.?

Now, Vitria’s not the only vendor of BPM or related solutions pointing in this general direction. I expect to see more such announcements soon and frequently, especially as more “rental?/software-as-a-service (SaaS) alternatives for BPM and related functions appear. I think you should expect the same, as part of what I, Joe McKendrick and other members of the “punditocracy? appear to be predicting with greater frequency – something I’m calling, at least for now, “The Big Mash-Up.? That’s BPM, plus event-driven architectures (EDAs), enterprise information integration (EII), information lifecycle management (ILM), master data management (MDM), and service-oriented architectures (SOAs), among other significant IT initiatives.

Research I’m conducting at Aberdeen Group is unearthing high levels of interdependency and “cross-pollination? among such efforts. You can read more about it in the recent Aberdeen reports I wrote on EII and SOA performance, both of which are available at no cost at the Aberdeen Group Web site for, as they say, a limited time only.

More to come on this. Lots more. Stay tuned – and make sure to make Dennis feel welcome, too!

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