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Anne Stuart’s BPM in Action

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BPM in Action: It's All About YOU!

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Tomorrow is the opening day of ebizQ's "BPM in Action" Virtual Conference – for which you should register immediately after reading this, if you have not yet done so. That very event basically created the much-appreciated opportunity for me to gain access to this bully pulpit. I therefore thought I'd take a brief break from my usual observations, rants, and recommendations, to emphasize and expand on some points made by ebizQ editor in chief Elizabeth Book in her blog today about the event.

"BPM in Action," like BPM itself, is all about you. Your enterprise, your experiences, your business goals and needs. Like any great conference, BPM in action is constructed and structured to give you more and better tools and insights for addressing specific BPM challenges at your organization. Whatever its size or core business, every enterprise is a business, every business relies on processes, and those processes need consistent, effective management. So if you are a decision-maker at a business, even if it's a business of one or two people, there's value aplenty for you in tomorrow's Virtual Conference.

If you haven't yet done so, make sure to register for the keynote addresses featuring my analyst industry colleagues, Ken Vollmer of Forrester Research and Janelle Hill of Gartner. Our companies may compete (even though we all share a fair number of clients), but we all agree that BPM is critical to sustained business success. I'm sure they'll leave you thinking, and ready for action. Also, the panel assembled by my ebizQ blog-mate Sandy Kemsley, "BPM and Enterprise 2.0," is a great opportunity to hear from some of the people I consider both thought and action leaders in BPM.

Of course, nothing beats real-life user experience, and the sessions scheduled for "BPM in Action" feature numerous examples of users succeeding with BPM. So the conference offers a plethora of information you should find interesting, relevant, and useful to BPM efforts at your own enterprise – all without leaving your office, your backyard, your favorite table at your favorite (or currently most convenient) Wi-Fi equipped caffeine dispensary, or wherever you happen to be connected to the Internet.

You can find the entire agenda for the "BPM in Action" Virtual Conference here. I strongly encourage you to participate, and to encourage your colleagues to do so as well. After all, education and validation are critical first steps toward developing and promoting "BPM-aware" attitudes and corporate cultures. And you will find both education and validation at this event. So participate, and enjoy! (And for those of you who really need to get out more, I'll be back to my usual activities in this space soon enough. You didn't think I had no opinions about Oracle buying Hyperion, for example, did you?)

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