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Anne Stuart’s BPM in Action

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BPM in Action: Benefits Beyond the Live Events!

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At least a bit sadly, today is the last "live" day of the ebizQ's "BPM in Action" Virtual Conference. I want to personally thank all of you who have participated, especially those who have written to me with comments, questions, and suggestions. But I also want to remind everyone that there's lots of value to be gotten out of the resources ebizQ has assembled for and around the event, even after things wind down today.

Come back to www.bpminaction.com, and send your colleagues as well, to grab replays of all the key sessions, and the presentation materials used by the speakers. And don't miss the other relevant resources ebizQ is making available to you. One of these, thanks to SAP AG's Business Process Expert Network, is a blog entry from Professor Yvonne Antonucci of Widener University, "How do we determine the skill set of a Business Process Management Expert??" (When you register, you will also have the chance to join SAP's Business Process Expert Network for free, something you should definitely do. It's a vibrant, informative online community.)

Speaking of BPM skills, if you haven't yet, you should definitely check out Gian Trotta's podcast featuring Derek Miers discussing "the BPM skills gap" and the BPM Learning Framework he's developed to address it. Even if you don't agree with all of Derek's musings, they provide some great starting points for developing your own approaches to making sure your organization has or gets the BPM skills it needs to succeed.

And of course, there's the Forrester Wave analysis of leading integration-centric BPM suite vendors. Again a great starting point for your own specific vendor evaluations and comparisons, and available free to registered ebizQ users. (And don't forget the ebizQ Analyst Corner, where you will soon see more relevant research from me and my RFG colleagues, as well as from other analyst firms.)

So enjoy the rest of the BPM in Action Virtual Conference, today and via replays later. Use what you learn, in concert with the other ebizQ resources at your disposal, to craft an actionable, effective BPM plan for your specific enterprise and its specific needs. And of course, let me know how it's going, so we can continue discussing and learning together!

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