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Kiran Garimella's BPM Blog

Kiran Garimella

How to make your employer pay you to go on 'facebook' on company time

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This is for real...no kidding! You do enjoy hanging out on Facebook or LinkedIn or MySpace or whatever is your cup of poison, right? I'm sure you don't do it on company time, of course (wink, wink), but what if you could? What if you could do it to be more productive and really add value to your company, while having fun at the same time? Now, there's an idea! (This sounds like one of those 'be a secret shopper, get everything for free, have a ton of fun' deals, but this is legit. Read on.)

The reason social networking is fun is because we human beings are social animals (a definition I learned at grade school, but didn't really understand because I wanted to go out and play with friends instead). But our work ethic makes us feel guilty about doing it on company time. Except for some limited use of LinkedIn (or others like it) for professional work, the other social networking sites are strictly social.

What if you had a 'social' networking site that allowed you to collaborate with colleagues and contacts, but in the specific context of improving the processes of your business? [You were waiting for BPM to show up somewhere here, weren't you?] You know that one of the biggest headaches in implementing BPM is in the discovery of processes (aka, "how the heck do we really do what we do?"). Without this knowledge, you can't take the next step, which is answering the question "how well do we really do what we do?"

What if you had a 'serious' collaboration site that had all the satisfaction of social interaction, the wow of Web 2.0, the sizzle of SaaS, the dreaminess of the Cloud, and the power of BPM behind it? A place where you can collaborate to discover how you really do what you do...where everyone knows your name...

Now the secret - how to legally have fun in the workplace: go to www.alignspace.com and stop complaining.

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Do you think AlignSpace influences the BPM process through its interface and if so, does AlignSpace follow BPM standards?


Great article, Kiran. We're already on our way there. BPM is truly a collaboration tool that will enable you to have one interface for any / every daily task within an office. Just like FB enables you to go between different applications and different data streams, BPM can bring all of this to the workplace as well.

Hey I am definitely gonna block my boss to see this article. As he is already not incrementing the salary by giving excuse of recession and taking good amount of money from us as penalty and now your post. You are gonna kill poor employee..

Great article, thanks for sharing! Some of us already get paid to use Facebook though :p

Thanks for an interesting article!

it's too difficult to create a atmosphere in one you can trust easily in your employer, but yes I think that if you deal some kind of quota for using personal service you can work quietly.

Enlightening…your write-up is completely informative and I kind of liked reading it. I am hardly a person who reads some stuff but your writing style glued me to the article. Great work man, I would love to read more stuff from you, so I am bookmarking your blogs.

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