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Kiran Garimella's BPM Blog

Kiran Garimella

As versatile as Sanders, as safe as Blyton

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I discovered Lawrence Sanders when I read his murder-mystery, First Deadly Sin, as an impressionable teenager. His writing is brilliant, the characterization is remarkable, and the plot is well orchestrated. The book was subsequently made into a unmemorable movie, with a completely mis-cast Frank Sinatra playing the detective Edward X. Delaney. Sanders went on to write more murder mysteries in the Deadly Sin series. He would have gone down in history as an excellent writer if he had stopped with this. But he was just getting started. He went on to write a chilling science fiction novel, The Tomorrow File. Then he started on his famous Commandment series. (Funnily enough, I found several books in this series displayed on the “Religion” table at a book fair; I warn you, don’t present any of Sanders’ books to minors!)

Sanders also wrote a psycho thriller (The Case of Lucy Bending), and in his final years, his McNally series. This is not all. I haven’t covered his Wolf Lannihan stories and a bunch of other writings. What is remarkable is that each of these genres has a different writing style; the mood is different (ranging from mystery-noir to light-hearted, flippant protagonists, to an orthogonally different dystopian sci fi); the vocabulary is different. It’s as if he had a multiple personality disorder, except in his case, it shouldn't be called a disorder.

BPM is a bit like that. It is imbued (as opposed to afflicted) with multiple facets. It’s a technology…no, it’s a form of enterprise architecture…no, it’s a set of practices…no, it’s a management philosophy…wait, it’s all of the above! BPM pervades the entire business. (Proof: The business of companies is business. Companies carry out business through business processes. Business processes are, by definition, the domain of Business Process Management. BPM, therefore, covers everything that a company does. Q.E.D.)

I do not believe that BPM is a piece of technology alone. I do not believe that BPM can be truly effective without technology. Like Sanders, BPM is versatile. Unlike Sander’s books, it is rated ‘G’ so that it is safe for ‘minors’ (i.e., those who are just dipping their feet into BPM and those who are not experts in leading-edge technologies).

I am thrilled to be blogging for ebizQ. Through this medium, I hope to share with the world at large my thoughts about this vast ocean. About the power of BPM.

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A great first blog. However (don't you just hate those), your tongue in cheek Proof assumes that management of processes is an actuality. True, processes are by definition what a business can be defined by (as can your life)and companies employ a great deal of managers, but to then suggest that the practice of BPM is just as pervasive as the processes and the managers is probably a bit loose.

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