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BPM Insights

Ian Louw

Forrester Targets Business Process Professionals in 2010

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Forrester has recognised that there is a need to engage more closely with Business Process Professionals and they plan to make this a primary focus of their activities during 2010. Based on global research done during 2009 they have found:

"Business process professionals' jobs and responsibilities are in transition -- largely moving from IT into the business, with a heavy focus on increasing the overall process skills up and down the organization. In the most mature organizations, the business process improvement group is a well-established group within the business that helps other business units with business process transformation. In most aspiring organizations, the business process sub-roles have solid/dotted line relationships between business and IT, and the reporting relationships are evolving."

According to their research, they have concluded that "Process Professionals Cut Across Business and IT" and that they typical roles uncovered can be categorised into six sub-roles:

    1. CxO or business executive -- "Stakeholder"
    2. VP Of Business Process Improvement - "Change Agent"
    3. Process Architect - "Guru"
    4. Process Analyst - "Prodigies"
    5. The Evolving Business Analyst - "Wannabe"
    6. Manager of IT Business Systems-- "Operator"

New Focus Areas

To engage with this audience, Forrester proposes to do BPM related research that focuses on how to:

  • Justify and quickly deploy the right solutions for financial, customer-facing, HR, and other business processes.
  • Tap the power of social media to radically improve customer service, HR, and other business processes.
  • Optimize the business by bringing insights and predictive analytics to business processes.
  • Become more Lean by continuously improving business processes
  • Develop new skills, methodologies, and frameworks for process improvement professionals.
  • Deliver timely, trusted enterprise data to cross-functional business processes.

Connie Moore from Forrester says these activities can be grouped into three broad areas that will help business process professionals to:

  • Implement packaged solutions to support cross-functional and departmental business processes.
  • Deploy business process management (BPM) suites to support cross-functional processes.
  • Integrate data -- whether it is from a data warehousing solution, a BI product or predictive analytics -- into business processes.

In Summary

I would be very interested to see how this is received by vendors, customers, consultancies and system integrators. In my experience, this type of focus has largely been the in the hands of vendors and consultancies as they are typically the ones at the 'coal face'.

Will this mean that analysts are now becoming proponents of certain vendor technologies and methods? We will have to wait and see....

One thing you can be sure of according to Forrester is:

"... our focus in 2010: helping the business process professional succeed beyond his or her wildest imagination."

Read the complete article here.

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Ian Louw

Ian Louw is a Transformation Consultant and Manger with more than 17 years experience in the IT industry. During this time he has worked for various System Integrators, Management Consultancies and Software Vendors in client facing and managerial roles and has setup and managed both EAI and BPM Practices. Ian has worked with organisations in both Private & Public sectors and has been a consultant engaged in business strategy, business and systems analysis, design, and development. He specialises in the design, development and delivery of pragmatic Enterprise Architectures for the implementation of business strategies.


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