BPM from a Business Point of View

Wikipedia describes a business process as a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product. It can often be visualized with a flowchart as a sequence of activities with interleaving decision points with relevance rules based on data in... Read More..
The benefits of business process managementThere are many benefits to managing your business processes.  The benefits may differ from company to company, but they are very real.The University of San Francisco posted a blog that identifies some important benefits:   ... Read More..

BPM for Medical

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The current state of patient processes...My experience with the processOn my first visit to my primary physician, I filled out a several page form providing information that he may need to treat me.  Things like surgeries, diseases, parent's health history,... Read More..
Business process management [BPM] is a discipline; it is something that you do.  BPM is a discipline involving documenting, improving and optimizing business activity flows to support company goals involving employees, customers and partners.Why purchase BPM software?Control...Assume that you have... Read More..

BPM Success...

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What is success?  One dictionary describes it as the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose.If you don't define success, how will you know if you are successful?As with most projects, success breeds success.  Success could mean more money in... Read More..
From a BPM.com posting...A business exists to provide value to customers in exchange for something else of value.  Process means a flow of business activities and seeing those activities as connected toward achievement of some business transaction.I have said before... Read More..
From a BPM.com posting...Modeling means that they would identify, define and make a representation of the complete process to support communication about the process.I prefer to call it - documenting the process.  In order to improve a process, you need... Read More..
From a BPM.com posting...Most BPM products designed to support BPM also include a lot of other capabilities beyond just those the BPM practitioner requires.  They generally include a lot of application development and data integration capability.Business Process Management [BPM]BPM is... Read More..

BPM Thoughts...

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From a BPM.com posting...BPM is something that you do, not a thing you own or buy.BPM is about improving processes.  It presumes the idea that you view business as a set of processes and BPM is the act of improving... Read More..

Process vs Data

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Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  The process or the data?Peter Schooff's of BPM.com posed a question 'process first, then data?'Someone suggested that you sort out all of your data first and then figure out what processes you... Read More..

Scott Cleveland blogs about BPM from a business point of view.

Scott Cleveland

Scott Cleveland is a technical, innovative and creative marketing manager with more than 25 years of experience in marketing, marketing management, sales, sales management and business process consulting aimed at high-tech companies. His areas of expertise include: product marketing, solutions marketing, solution selling, sales maangement, business process management, business process improvement and process optimization. Reach him at RScottCleveland[at]gmail.com.


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