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Success @ BPM

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In last week's blog, I touched on how to achieve success at BPM.  However, I didn't spend any time talking about the definition of success.When you are working on any project within your company, your goal is success.  If your... Read More..

Success at BPM

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Managing engineering processes usually requires change.  Your user community will be made up of some people that like change and others that don't.  Any one person from the group that doesn't like change can kill the project, so it is... Read More..
I recently posted a blog stating that 'Companies don't buy BPM software; they buy a solution to their problem.'Peter Schooff then posed the question, 'What problem does BPM solve?'The answers were all over the map because of the differing definitions... Read More..
'Make the customer the hero of your story' - Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs.Have you looked at your business from your customer's point of view?  Do you measure and monitor how well you deliver what your customer really... Read More..
In my last blog, I talked about processes always being in a state of change.  Documents that are constantly being changed are referred to as 'living' documents.  I contend that since processes are constantly being changed that they are 'living'... Read More..

Living Process?

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Improved your process, is that all there is?You have uncovered a problem process.  You have accurately documented the process and you have put in place some metrics that can be objectively measured.  You have completed your initial process improvement, followed... Read More..
Improve your process...You have uncovered a problem process.  It is broken for any of the reasons I posted in my last blog.  You have accurately documented the process and you have put in place some metrics that can be objectively... Read More..
Why even tackle process improvement?  At some point in the life of any company, you will have a problem with one of your business processes.  It could be for any of these reasons: - It takes too long for something to... Read More..

Experiencing BPM...

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BPM Quotes of the Week - Feb. 7"A customer experiences your company as the sum of its business processes. How comfortable does that make you feel?"  Scott FrancisThis is a very important concept that is often missed.For years I have... Read More..
The subject of my past several blogs was focused on starting your BPM project.My blogs were focused on preparing to start your BPM project.  A typical BPM project can usually be broken into these basic steps:  Analysis; Design; Construction; Implementation.The... Read More..

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Scott Cleveland is a technical, innovative and creative marketing manager with more than 25 years of experience in marketing, marketing management, sales, sales management and business process consulting aimed at high-tech companies. His areas of expertise include: product marketing, solutions marketing, solution selling, sales maangement, business process management, business process improvement and process optimization. Reach him at RScottCleveland[at]gmail.com.


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