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I know things are tough out there. Belt tightening is a fact of life when the stock market is tanking, and the countries financial institutions and major industries are going down the toilet. But the fact remains, that to... Read More..
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This week at its developers' conference Microsoft announced, Azure, its new cloud computing platform, and gave analysts a peek during a conference call. The industry trends of cheap computing, cheap storage, high bandwidth, and a proliferation of devices with internet... Read More..
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Last week IBM gathered the analyst community together to preview a series of SOA announcements which, to my ear, contained more marketing approaches and services than product innovations. Senior IBM managers participated in the announcement, including Robert LeBlanc, GM, Software... Read More..
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Much has already been said about the IONA acquisition and my fellow bloggers have had little positive to say. Dennis Byron stated that "Effectively this means little to the independent middleware market which had already collapsed in upon itself when... Read More..
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Despite the advances in B2B integration technologies such as XML, a recent Forrester report by Ken Vollmer showed that EDI still accounts for 85-90% of B2B transactions. However, the growth projections of other forms of B2B including stateful and stateless... Read More..
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I recently caught up with Mike Lees, Senior Director, BPM Product Marketing or Software AG about a BPM survey recently done by BP Trends. One of the things that surprised Mike was the number of C level business managers who... Read More..
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On Wednesday, June 4th, ebizQ is broadcasting the Connectivity in Action virtual conference. What you may not have realized is that this is really in large part a birthday celebration for WebSphere MQ (formerly MQ Series) which is turning 15... Read More..
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Creating an ICC

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I recently caught up with John Schmidt, who has recently joined Informatica as the VP, of Global Integration Services. John is also the Chair of the Integration Consortium, and is now helping Informatica define a set of best practices and... Read More..
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There is a very big movement in the industry away from after-the-fact reporting and analysis to on-demand information delivered in context, what some are calling operational BI. Last year ebizQ did a virtual conference on BI in Action during which... Read More..
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One of the things that swamped me in the past month was setting up a new computer. Never fun. This one was interesting as I was forced to migrate to Vista. There has been a lot of talk about Vista... Read More..

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